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The Heart Gallery of Central Texas, a program of Partnerships for Children, connects children available for adoption with loving families.

Photography by

Marilyn Griggs Photography


9 years old


Jimmy is a bright and funny child with LOTS of energy. He is very engaging and loves to talk. He is very sociable and has easily made friends at school. He likes school and made the A and B honor-roll. His teacher and caregivers describe him as helpful and empathetic. He loves sports and would love to be on a baseball or soccer team. Jimmy is obsessed with trucks and is very happy to discuss them with anyone willing to listen.

Jimmy gets along well with similarly aged peers and would be open to a home that has other children. He very much wants to experience having a dad who will be active with him. He would do well in a home that encourages his hands-on interests. Jimmy is intrigued by a future in law-enforcement and would love to be with a family that is involved in public service. Jimmy has older siblings, and  it will be important for the family to help him keep this connection. Jimmy will respond to a structured, loving, and active family.

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