15 years old


Jimmy is very loving and caring young man. He gets along well with everyone. He is caring towards others and has concern for their well-being. He is very caring of children younger than him. He is helpful and is always thinking of others before himself. Jimmy is intelligent and loves to talk to others about his knowledge of general history and military history. He attends school in a general classroom setting, where he does well. His grades are a reflection of his intelligence and his love for learning. He enjoys history mostly, but does well in all subjects.

Jimmy enjoys being outdoors as much as possible. While outside with his peers, he loves to play football and basketball. He also enjoys fishing, hunting, and hiking.

Jimmy’s forever family will need to be nurturing, loving, patient, and understanding of Jimmy's needs. The family will need to be outgoing and energetic, good listeners, and supportive of Jimmy and his interests. Jimmy desires a family that enjoys being outdoors and doing outdoor activities with him. He desires a family that has children younger than him, so he can be a big brother and help with his siblings. The family will also need to be accepting and understanding of his emotional needs and his need for a safe and secure family environment.

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Filmed at Texas Military Forces Museum | Aired November 28, 2018

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