Joe Angel

14 years old


Joe Angel is a kind and passionate youth who enjoys creating and producing music in a music studio. He takes pride in his appearance, loves working out, and dreams of playing football on his high school team. Joe Angel is looking forward to finding his forever home with a family who will support his dreams and foster his growth. While Joe Angel can be slow to warm up, once he is comfortable with you, he’ll eagerly rap his latest lyrics. He loves talking to adults but generally prefers spending time with his peers. Joe Angel puts his best effort forward in everything he does and thrives in situations with people who provide consistent support. When he is not making music, Joe Angel enjoys going to the gym, playing video games, and talking to girls.

Although Joe Angel can sometimes struggle with articulating his thoughts, he is learning to ask for what he needs to be successful. He feels his emotions very deeply and appreciates having someone to talk to when he is struggling. Joe Angel does well with patience and occasional reminders as he sometimes repeats the same mistake. Despite his difficulties, Joe Angel is sweet with a caring personality and an easygoing demeanor.

Joe Angel would do great in a home that can provide love, structure, and support. He would thrive in a home that will help foster his relationship with his siblings. He understands that he will be joining a family unit and knows that with patience and time he will fit right in.

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