Photography by

Marilyn Griggs Photography


17 years old


John is a happy teenager with a great smile. He enjoys looking at books, walking around, watching TV, and listening to music. He also enjoys playing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and listening to diverse music. Some of his favorite music artists are Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash. He also enjoys classic rock, Chicago, Pink Floyd, and the song from the Disney Channel's Octonaut and Creature Report. He also likes the Hot-dog Song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Music soothes John. Like most teenagers, he loves to play on his tablet. Some of the TV shows that John enjoys are Sponge Bob and Cops. He likes his back being rubbed as well as his hands and head. John is non-verbal and communicates through gestures and grunts. John is reported to be healthy, but requires assistance for all activities of daily living.

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