13 years old


Kaidyn is a respectful, considerate youth with small-town-boy charm. He loves animals, agriculture, and construction projects that allow him to contribute, problem-solve, and be creative. He is a self-proclaimed Lego master! His interests are the Dallas Cowboys, Star Wars, and theatre. Other activities that excite Kaidyn are playing games, attending entertainment parks, reading comics, doing outside chores (such as using a riding lawn-mower), and cooking. His favorite dishes are pepperoni pizza, mac & cheese, and hot-dogs. Kaidyn has a passion for photography. He likes taking pictures of landscapes, and will go the extra mile to get the perfect shot even if it means balancing in a small boat to do so. He's proud to show off his work.

Kaidyn responds best to a calm, structured environment with minimal irritations. He has expressed that he would do well in a conservative nuclear family, as an only child, or in a family that has older siblings. Kaidyn has stated he would like to live in a rural area but that he is not bound geographically. He prefers a family that will provide emotional regulation. Kaidyn will thrive well in an environment that fosters structure and consistency, such as a small academic setting. Per Kaidyn, his desired forever family would be loving, attentive, have a good sense of humor, foster team sports and photography, and provide a safe place to ride a bike.

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Filmed at Home Slice Pizza | Aired December 5, 2018

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