Photography by

Marilyn Griggs Photography


13 years old


Kanzes is a social, friendly and spirited girl who is a natural leader and a self-advocate. Kanzes is comfortable expressing her needs and choices and she enjoys being the center of attention. She enjoys listening to music, singing and dancing. Kanzes would like to participate in gymnastics lessons. She likes being active, specifically riding her bike, swimming, and walking dogs around the neighborhood. She enjoys reading at bedtime and her favorite chapter book is Junie B. Jones. She enjoys playing with and showing off her American Girl dolls. Her favorite color is purple, and her favorite fictitious animal is the unicorn. Kanzes likes to cook and help in the kitchen. She likes a wide variety of food including vegetables. Kanzes develops close relationships with others and is affectionate.

Kanzes would benefit most from a two-parent family with no other children and specifically no younger children. Kanzes' family must have an unwavering commitment to her well-being and true desire to claim her as their own. Kanzes' family should be patient and understand that her emotional state can be fragile at times. The family should support her educational needs and help her meet her fullest potential academically. A family skilled in attachment and trauma approaches would be highly beneficial. Kanzes' family should be committed to her continued therapeutic work.

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Filmed at Thinkery | Aired September 13, 2017

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Filmed at Foodie Kids | Aired February 6, 2019

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