Photography by

Dunlap Portrait


12 years old


Keegan is kid who sets goals and works to achieve them. He’s currently doing odd jobs and saving money little by little to buy his own custom Star Wars light saber. This focus carries over to school, where he does well and especially loves math and history. Historical artifacts intrigue him and if you have a math riddle for him, you’ll be fast friends!

Keegan is a bright and outgoing child who loves to meet children his own age. He has a wide range of interests (X-Box, Star Wars, Marvel, and Nerf guns to name a few) that allow him to connect and play with most anyone he meets. He’s energetic and loves outdoor activities like hiking and fishing. Food is another way to his heart, hamburgers in particular!

Keegan is very helpful and always asks what he can do around the house. He’s eager to have a consistent, caring, and loving forever family. He’d really enjoy a family with children near his age with whom he could play and is also hoping for an older sister. He wants someone to look up to! His dream family would share in activities like hiking and fishing together.

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