Photography by

Marilyn Griggs Photography

Keri & Laci

15 years old
15 years old


Keri is a very sweet and shy youth. She may not initiate conversation, but once she gets to know you she has no problem communicating. Keri has an inviting smile that leads people to flock to her. She loves pizza and Mexican food, and she will try any new food at least once before forming an opinion about it. She enjoys playing different sports such as football and basketball with her friends. She also enjoys riding her bike. Keri is somewhat of a jokester and loves playing jokes and having jokes played on her.

Laci is a sweet and friendly girl, somewhat of a social butterfly. She is not shy about talking with new people. She loves to help others, especially around the house. She loves cooking and is always the first one to volunteer to clean up after dinner. She loves Mexican food and would eat tacos every night if she could. She is looking forward to playing sports, particularly soccer, when she gets in high school.

Keri and Laci are affectionate girls who will reciprocate love when they are part of a family. They would benefit from being in a loving and supportive family. The girls are very bonded and want a forever family where they can be together. They are both great with other children of any age in the home.

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