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King, Royalti, and Prince

7 years old
6 years old
5 years old


There is never a dull moment with this trio! King, Royalti, and Prince are looking for their forever family to love them, be their safe place, and adventure through this world together. This sibling group enjoys many activities together like coloring, watching movies, and of course their favorite- playing outside! They love kickball, soccer, and tag, and can be found happily playing in the water on hot summer days. King, Royalti, and Prince all have outgoing and adventurous personalities and are open to trying new activities and even new foods. While each child has their own favorite food, all three love to eat pizza!

King is an outgoing and intelligent young boy. His smile is contagious, and he can brighten anyone’s day! He is very sociable and well-mannered. A budding artist, he hasn’t yet made up his mind on what his favorite color is- he likes them all!

Royalti is an adorable and sweet young girl with a big personality. She is described as a “girly-girl” who loves to have her hair styled so she feels cute. Although she may play dress up, she also enjoys and holds her own playing with cars and playing outdoors with her brothers! Royalti likes arts and crafts and is also hopeful that one day she will have the opportunity to participate in gymnastics.

Prince is an adventurous, charming, and curious young boy! He can sometimes be shy at first, but he’ll give you a big, warm smile once he warms up. Prince enjoys watching movies, playing board games, and coloring with his older siblings. He also likes playing with his superhero action figures and cars. His favorite movie series is Star Wars, because he loves Baby Yoda!

King, Royalti, and Prince need a two-parent home in which boundaries are clearly communicated and maintained. Their forever family will be their biggest advocates. The siblings will thrive with a supportive family and a home life that is highlighted by academics, outdoor activities, playing games together, and a lot of affection (individually and as a group) and structure. King, Royalti, and Prince desire loving parents who will encourage them to maintain and deepen their ties to their cultural heritage and background. These siblings are ready for their forever family!

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