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Kristalyn, Maryjane, & Phillip

8 years old
3 years old
6 years old


Maryjane is a delightful little girl and an aspiring gymnast. She enjoys being outside, actively moving around, and playing with her brother and sister. She loves to watch the movie"Frozen". She loves to interact with different animals such as dogs and farm animals. Maryjane has recently learned how to verbally sing her ABC’s and will put on a concert for everyone. She enjoys having “her ears on” and listening to the world around her. Maryjane is overall considered to be developmentally on target.

Phillip is a sweet and inquisitive little boy. He loves to discover things that are new to him and have new and exciting sensory experiences. He is rambunctious, and is working on channeling his energy in positive ways. He thrives with outdoor playtime like playing basketball, riding his bike, and climbing trees. He loves anything associated with Batman, and he loves playing with car toys. He is developing his writing skills, and he is an aspiring artist. Phillip adores chips, pizza, and hamburgers with French fries.

Kristalyn is a spunky and engaging little girl with an appreciation of animals, especially clucking chickens. She has a refined palette that includes dishes such as cheese sandwiches, spaghetti, and peanut butter and jelly. She is always thrilled to have a snack, since she is very active. She likes to be outside where she can run with her dogs and take them for walks. She enjoys playing with her dolls and having tea parties. Kristalyn is a caring older sister.

The children are a close knit group who enjoy each other's company. But they can play independently. Kristalyn and Maryjane particularly enjoy imaginative tea parties with all of their toys and can often be heard chattering while they pretend. Phillip, Kristalyn, and Mary Jane also love to hold concerts where they sing to their captive animals and foster parents with several subsequent encore performances.

Kristalyn, Maryjane, and Phillip are all hard of hearing due to a genetic disorder and have some minor ongoing medical needs related to this disorder. This does not slow them down in the slightest. All of the children are working with a strong network of service providers to encourage their growth and development. They enjoy the professionals in their lives and value the engagement and entertainment that they provide. It is important that their forever family is confident in navigating medical systems and advocating for their needs. Kristalyn, Maryjane, and Phillip need a home that is active and structured, with lots of space for them to play and explore. They need a family who can communicate with them through American Sign Language. Their forever family needs to be encouraging and empowering of them in their ongoing development.

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Aired October 8, 2020

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