Photography by

Marilyn Griggs Photography


14 years old


Levi is a very caring and sweet young man. He is very considerate to others feelings and often times puts others before himself. Levi is very sociable and has no problems making friends. He cherishes those friends and family around him. In Levi's current placement he is very helpful and enjoys doing chores to earn rewards. He keeps his room clean, washes his clothes, and cares for his plant. Levi is very active, energetic, and has tons of energy. He enjoys participating in extracurricular activities and his favorite activity is "Laser Tag". He enjoys being outside, playing Nintendo Switch, and playing sport activities. He has expressed a desire to get involved in football and baseball. Levi is very smart and earns good grades in school. His favorite subject is Math.

Levi desires a forever family who will be committed to him for the rest of his life. Levi stated that he desires a good family with a husband and wife and another sibling who is nice to him. Levi is excited about a new family and has expressed eagerness to meet them.

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