Photography by

Marilyn Griggs Photography


9 years old


Lillian is a very energetic, curious, determined, and loving child with a sunny disposition. She enjoys playing outside, playing with other children, playing on her tablet, watching TV, working puzzles, and coloring. She loves girly things, such as makeup and pretty clothes. She likes being busy and engaged in activities. Lillian enjoys being the center of attention and receiving praise for doing things well. Lillian responds well with one-on-one attention but establishing a relationship with her will take time. She is a determined child and knows what she likes. Lillian seems to always have a mischievous spark in her eyes and a contagious giggle.

Lillian will benefit from a patient two-parent family where she can be the only child. Preferably one of her parents will be available to be involved in her day-to-day activities. The ideal family will have simple rules and demonstrate they are able to adjust rules, boundaries, and chores, based on Lillian's abilities. Lillian is able to form a loving bond and needs a family who is loving and committed to her. The ideal family will demonstrate they understand and can consistently apply structure but are flexible to try new things.


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Filmed at Switch Willo Stables | Aired February 19, 2020

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