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Dunlap Portrait


14 years old


Luvlee is a brilliant young woman with great aspirations. She plans to become a lawyer and to study abroad during college because she is deeply interested in learning about different cultures and understanding people. As an honor student, she is an articulate and critical thinker who is passionate about discussing ideas and beliefs. She is involved in choir, volleyball, and debate club. She has a passion for justice and holds herself and her peers accountable. Luvlee is the person who will always speak up and advocate for others. She loves animals (but not reptiles or bugs!) and has an extensive stuffed animal collection. She loves to cook and would like to follow a vegan diet. An avid reader, she also has diverse collection of books to which she is always adding. Luvlee loves music, academic achievements, and being organized.

Luvlee is looking for a family who will accept her as she is, foster her sense of curiosity, and engage in discussions with her while always making sure she knows she is valued. While she has positive self-esteem, she does need reassurance that she is an integral part of the family unit. She can come off as reserved initially but is very talkative and loves to explore concepts and ideas if you will let her externally process with you. Are you up for a good chat? She always is! Luvlee would love a family who is engaged in their community and will thrive with an active familywho helps her explore her surroundings.

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