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Marilyn Griggs Photography

Lyric & Yusuf

17 years old
12 years old


Lyric is a very intelligent young lady. Her caregivers believe she would easily qualify for the gifted program but it is not offered at her school. She is behaviorally mature for her age and takes on responsibility. She likes to read, and she enjoys singing and dancing. She also loves dressing up, having her hair styled, and learning to apply makeup. Lyric loves spending time with her brother Yusuf and she always puts his needs above her own. She is saving her allowance to buy her brother a tablet. 

Yusuf brightens up the room with his smile! He loves hugs, especially those that come from his sister.  As Yusuf is autistic, he is not able to hold conversations, but he uses words and short phrases. He loves to play games on the tablet. He also enjoys going out for pizza, and visiting with Lyric. Yusuf requires close supervision as his curiosity can cause him to roam. He benefits from structure and being on a daily schedule.

Lyric and Yusuf have a strong bond, and are very protective of each other. Lyric is very sensitive to Yusuf's needs, and will often hold his hand to keep him close. The children will need to be adopted together in a home with positive role models who will give them each one-on-one attention.

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Filmed at Kiss N' Makeup | Aired April 26, 2018

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