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17 years old


Classic rock, basketball, documentaries, quality time with animals—these are just some of the important pieces of Mackenzie’s life. But what Mack (as she likes to be called) values most is imagination. Whether it’s using her seat belt as a fretboard for that awesome guitar solo, discussing how a dog can read her mind, or wanting to go on a search through the city of Austin for Bevo, Mackenzie uses her imagination daily and she deserves a family who shares her creative energy. Mack would rather ask a bug about its life story than kill it. She’d rather wake up early than sleep away the day. She loves reading newspapers to be prepared for conversations about current events. Mackenzie knows all "The Breakfast Club" quotes. She has the movie memorized by now! Silliness and imagination are the keys to Mack’s happiness. She will try to convince her caregivers that "the dog hiding under the table needs her vegetables more than she does."

But all silliness aside, Mackenzie needs a family. Without many connections to speak of, she is desperately in need of roots and a place to call home base. She deserves a family who’s willing to provide her the time and patience to gain her trust. Mackenzie has shown an extraordinary capacity to deal with loss in her life. She’ll need a family who can nurture her as she continues her journey through grief and learns to trust the world again. Animals are the secret pathway to her heart! Structure, consistency, and a quiet space to come home to at the end of the day are what make her feel safe.

If you would characterize yourself as creative, silly, calm, patient but firm, as an animal/music/nature lover, or just as someone who’s ready to open their hearts and home to an amazing kid, please reach out to learn more about Mackenzie today.

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