16 years old


Mariana is a very energetic, smart, outgoing, and friendly teen. She is creative and enjoys painting and writing poetry. She enjoys a variety of other activities including listening to music, watching TV, playing board games, running, playing Frisbee, scrapbooking, and collecting teddy bears. She likes to cook and bake, and she enjoys going grocery shopping for the ingredients. Mariana's favorite subjects in school are Spanish, Geometry, and Writing. She would love to travel to Mexico someday.

Mariana is very caring and shows respect for others. She likes being part of a team. Mariana has a great sense of self-awareness and is tough on herself. She likes to have clear expectations and structure in her life.

The ideal family for Mariana is one who will offer her reassurance and will love and respect her for who she is. She is open to all types of families and would like older siblings or to be the only child. She would prefer a home where she can have her own big bedroom.

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Filmed at Figment Creative Labs | Aired February 20, 2020

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