17 years old


Marina is a quiet teen. It takes her a little while to warm up to someone new, but she is very friendly once she does. She loves to listen to music and "zone out". She enjoys getting manicures and trying different styles of make-up. She hopes to go to cosmetology or fashion design school after high school. She has dreams of traveling someday, particularly to Paris. Marina doesn’t like idle time; she prefers going out and doing things in the community. She looks forward to getting a job and being able to buy things for herself.

Marina would thrive best in a home where she has structure and could be the only child or where she could be the big sister to younger children. Marina would like to be in a home with a single mother, or an all female home. She would also prefer a home that can help her preserve her Hispanic heritage. She would do best in a home where her adoptive parent(s) can give her lots of love, attention and proper guidance. She needs a family that will challenge her to experience new things and to keep her mind open to everything that is available to her. Most importantly, Marina is in need of a home and a family to adopt her and love her forever.

A Texas-only placement is required for Marina.

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Filmed at Style by Priscilla | Aired May 29, 2019

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