Photography by

Marilyn Griggs Photography


17 years old


Marshall has a passion for basketball. He loves to play and he is very skillful. When he's not on the court, he likes to play dominoes or chess. Marshall is very smart for his age. He does well in school where his favorite subject is History, Texas History in particular. When it comes to food, he likes just about anything except spinach or cauliflower. Marshall would like to own all the shoes in the world, and he likes to hit the court in the latest style.

Although Marshall is outgoing, he has a very calm demeanor. He is very respectful and polite towards adults. He listens well when given a task. And he is a problem solver.

Marshall desires to encounter a sense of belonging. He requires a family who can nurture his needs. Marshall will enjoy and benefit from having a parent who is willing to spend time with him. He will need a parent who can encourage him to continue playing basketball. He will do well if he is the youngest or the oldest of a group of siblings. He would enjoy to have male siblings. Marshall needs a family who can be very clear with expectations, structure, discipline, and routine. His family needs to be patient and understanding of his emotional needs.

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Filmed at Cameron Park Zoo | Aired October 17, 2018

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