Photography by

Marilyn Griggs Photography

Matthew B

9 years old


Matthew is a handsome young boy with beautiful eyes and a huge smile. He is vivacious and very present in the moment; he is always aware and mindful of things happening around him. He enjoys school and likes to read. Matthew likes to go on outings and loves to be with family and friends. He often plays alone, but also welcomes playing with peers of his own age group. He is active and enjoys mild outdoor activities such as playing on the playground, playing with balls, swinging, and climbing on the monkey bars. He also enjoys drawing and coloring.

Matthew communicates very well with others. He can communicate his feelings and emotions and understands the emotions of others.

Matthew is eager to join a loving and accepting family. The family should be nurturing, caring, and be willing and open to advocate for him while providing new challenges to encourage his progress.



Filmed at Robinson Family Farm| Aired November 21, 2018

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