13 years old


"Don't worry, be happy!" is Matthew's motto and he claims the song as his own theme. He is a friendly and caring youth. He loves super heroes such as Spiderman and The Avengers. His own kindness, thoughtfulness towards others, and sense of fair play qualifies him as a super kid. He warms the hearts of others by leaving them wonderful messages, wishing them a great day and God's blessings. Matthew is open and honest, willing to share about himself when he feels comfortable and accepted.

When asked about his favorite color, Matthew names red, blue, orange, purple, green, violet, sky blue, midnight blue, ocean blue, white, gray, gold, silver, tan, yellow ... basically all the colors in the rainbow. He takes that same approach with people in his life - he finds something interesting, worthy, and likeable about everyone.

Matthew enjoys going out to eat and favors pizza and hot wings, particularly at Red Robin. He is a fan of Dave & Busters and likes playing video games there. He enjoys playing Minecraft on PlayStation, and is eager to instruct others on how to play. Other favorite things of Matthew's are the cartoon "Woody the Woodpecker" and the book "Piggy and the Elephant."

Matthew is a loving child who will blossom with one-on-one attention and unconditional love. He gets along well with other children, but needs a home where there is an individual focus on him and where he has his own important place in the family. Matthew's forever family should participate proactively in his education, keep him on track academically and allow him to feel his own success.

Matthew is a member of the Choctaw Nation. A family with Native American heritage and a willingness to foster his understanding and connection to his culture is preferred.


Meet Matthew:

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Filmed with guest Quan Cosby | Aired August 6, 2020

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