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Marilyn Griggs Photography


13 years old


Meilin is a sweet and loving pre-teen. She is deaf and communicates fluently in ASL. She is very excited to go back to school and participate in social activities. Meilin has not previously had the opportunity to participate in sports, but is excited to play volleyball and basketball this year through her school. Meilin does well in school. Her favorite classes are science and gym and her least favorite class is math. She loves cats and has recently learned that she enjoys riding horses. Meilin has had the opportunity to regularly visit a farm and likes to be around the horses and goats. She loves being outdoors where she can be free to run, breathe the fresh air, and feel the breezes on her face. Meilin would love to be a veterinarian when she grows up.

Meilin is eager to join a loving and accepting family who will be kind and affectionate towards her. She needs a family who is completely fluent in ASL so that she can communicate with them and be fully understood. Meilin will do well with a family who will be patient with her and be willing to take time to talk to her about her thoughts and feelings. Meilin's adoptive family should encourage her to be social and involved in extra-curricular activities.

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FOREVER FAMILIES Aired October 1, 2020

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