17 years old


Meredith is a very pleasant youth. She is sometimes shy at first but opens up once she feels comfortable. She gets along with everyone, and she enjoys helping and engaging with others. She loves being the center of attention. However, she also enjoys having time to herself. Meredith loves anything having to do with animals and insects. She is very knowledgeable about them and enjoys discussing the topics with others. She wishes to have a dog for a pet when she has found her forever home.

Meredith is in a Life Skills classroom. She enjoys school and learning. She likes all subjects and is a good student.

Meredith would do well with a family that could provide her with consistent structure and boundaries. She needs a firm, stable home life with a set routine. Meredith is open to living in the city or the country. She would do well in a home where she is the only child or a home with only one or two children of similar age. The family will need to keep Meredith active and engaged in whatever she enjoys doing. Meredith needs consistent rules and consequences. She will need a family who is able to give her individualized one on one attention at times. She will need regular praise and modeling of appropriate behaviors. Meredith will need a family who help her work through any issues, and will provide patience and unconditional love.

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Filmed at the Austin Nature and Science Center | Aired July 25, 2018

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