Photography by

Shawn Culbertson Photography


11 years old


Michael is an easy-going young man with dark brown hair and eyes. He is a  pleasant little boy who adjusts well to new environments. He is very independent, yet makes friends easily. He enjoys playing video games, playing outside, and playing with other children his own age. He also enjoys playing Bingo, and playing with his Ninja Turtles figures. Michael loves music. He likes to sing, dance, create, and listen to songs. Music provides a connection for him, as he feels safe when listening to music. In school, Michael excels in his classes and he consistently completes his home work. Michael enjoys being at school. He likes his classes and interacting with friends. The set routine of school gives him a structure, and he thrives better in an organized environment. He is good with doing his chores around the house. Michael likes to be recognized for his good behavior. He is good at following direction and being a team player. He is very successful when given a positive role model. He understands adoption and has a strong desire to find his forever family! He wants to be loved unconditionally and feel accepted by a family to call his own. Michael would also like some pets - a dog, cat, horse and even a tiger!

Michael  will do best in a family where he is the youngest child or has older siblings. His forever family will require patience and utilize positive reinforcement with role modeling. He will need consistency with schedules and boundaries in the home. He would love a family who allows pets. Michael really wants to have  his own pet. Michael  will thrive in a family with structure, boundaries, and lots of love.

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