18 years old


Michael is a sweet, polite, caring, and intelligent teen. He loves to play video games, basketball, and football. He also plays soccer and trick shots are no problem for him! He reads voraciously, and as a result he has a very strong vocabulary. Michael is starting to mature into a young man. He’s getting tall, and his appetite is growing too. He’s also starting to want more adult things: a phone, a driver’s permit, and freedom to hang out at friends’ houses and invite them to his house. Michael does well with adults and authority figures, and he continues to work on following the rules or direction from adults. He does very well in school and makes very good grades.

Michael values family and is yearning for somewhere to call home. He would be a great big brother and likes taking on that responsibility.  He would thrive in an active family who is involved in extracurricular activities.
Michael needs a strong family who is able to set consistent boundaries with love, compassion, and structure. He needs patient parents who will advocate for him, and have time to give him plenty of one on one attention.

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Filmed at Avila Soccer | Aired January 3, 2018

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