18 years old


The best way to describe Michel is simply “she is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.” Michel is kind and soft-spoken, but at the same time is articulate and can advocate for herself. She is a good student and receives nothing but praise from her educators and peers. She is described as the person people can go to and know their secrets are safe. She has a unique personality. She has a love for animals and for the beauty life - good and bad. Michel does not shy away from challenges and meets life’s obstacles with the best attitude she can have. Michel loves to be outside and enjoys traveling.

Michel would thrive best in a home where she can be with siblings either close to her age or older. Michel does prefer to be one of the younger children in the home, but is not closed to other possibilities. Michel desires a family that enjoys the outdoors and animals as much as she does. She also prefers a family that will travel with her and introduce her to new experiences. Michel is best suited for a married couple, a non-married couple or a single mother family dynamic. She would do best in a home where the adoptive parent(s) can give her the attention and proper guidance she requires. Michel needs a loving setting and a home that can provide for her needs.  Most importantly, she is in need of a home to adopt her and love her forever.

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Filmed at Garbo Salon | Aired July 10, 2019

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