Photography by

Marilyn Griggs Photography

Natasha (Zoe)

17 years old


Natasha is a talkative teen with a great sense of humor. She makes friends easily. She considers herself a supportive person and likes to help others.

Natasha is vocal in her opinions and will advocate for herself. This girl has big dreams and is ready to go for them! She likes learning about the human body and is interested in becoming a nurse.

Natasha is active and athletic . She enjoys competing in swimming and track and is considering cheerleading as well. In quieter moments, she likes to read, knit, and watch movies.

Natasha’s ideal family would be a young and active couple who can keep up with her. They should support her in her activities, and in reaching her dreams. She appreciates the finer things in life and wants to travel, so she hopes that her family will have the resources to provide for these opportunities. Natasha will thrive with positive reinforcement. Her forever family should help her know that she is loved and valued.

KVUE - temporary


Filmed with Brooklyn Decker  | Aired September 24,2020



Filmed at Pura Vida Spa | Aired April 3, 2019

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