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Katie Angell Photography


18 years old


Noah is a very kind and protective teen. He cares deeply for those who are closest to him and values family very much. Noah is a great advocate for himself and is very determined. He is quite insightful and takes responsibility for his actions.

Noah enjoys playing basketball, playing football, walking dogs, playing video games, watching movies, drawing, and texting. He likes being outdoors in the country with lots of space. Noah has a love of learning, especially in science and is advanced in that subject. He is interested in technology and has expressed desire in being a graphic designer or video game designer.

Noah would benefit from a family who is supportive of his dreams and interests. And he would benefit from a family who will encourage reading outside of the school setting to help propel Noah forward.

Noah would thrive in a family who can provide him with opportunities to gain self-esteem and self-efficacy. The family should set expectations and establish a stable routine. The family will need to be positive, good listeners, and supportive of Noah and his interests.

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Aired September 3, 2020

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