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18 years old


Paul is a happy boy. He has special needs related to congenital and birth trauma which categorizes him as a child with primary medical needs. He is visually impaired but his hearing is very well developed. He responds to recognized voices with facial expressions, gigantic smiles, and laughter. Paul's mobility is greatly affected by his medical condition; he loves to be taken for a ride in his wheelchair outside. Paul needs occupational and physical therapy to strengthen his muscles and develop his motor skills. His bones are fragile so caregivers and nurses must be extremely careful when physically helping Paul move around or exercise. Paul has used a homebound school program in the past and currently attends SPED classroom on campus to increase his abilities and level of functioning. Music is his favorite subject next to having conversations with people. He loves being provided affection by his family and caregivers and will respond to people’s presence. He has favorite cartoons and loves listening to the TV. Paul will require 24-hour care, supervision, and monitoring by skilled caregivers but most of all Paul needs a forever family to love him and for him to love in return.


Paul needs a family who has a medical background due to his medical needs. A family with few children and who is willing to advocate for him educationally and medically is desired. He will do well with a family who has a very supportive extended family.  A family with a great sense of humor and the ability to continue seeking services or follow up from providers giving Paul what he needs to be happy and healthy would be a plus.

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Aired August 8, 2018



Aired October 10, 2018

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