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The Heart Gallery of Central Texas, a program of Partnerships for Children, connects children available for adoption with loving families.


9 years old


Quadrae is an outgoing and friendly child, and he makes friends easily. He considers himself a nice and funny person. His hobbies include playing card games, playing with his Legos and riding bikes. His favorite activity is skating. He loves listening to music and blushes when asked if he likes to dance.  Quadrae is good with pets and would like to have a puppy someday.  He is doing well in school both behaviorally and academically. He is in mainstream classes and is passing all of his classes. Quadrae enjoys a variety of foods but his favorites are chili dogs and Frito pie. He is very thoughtful and observant and always looking to help others around him. Quadrae wishes to become a police officer when he gets older. Quadrae requires minimal supervision to ensure he is making safe decisions. He is a very capable child with a very fun spirit and a contagious smile.

The ideal forever family for Quadrae should be patient and provide him with a lot of positive reinforcement, structure, consistency, and security. He would do well with other children in the home.

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