15 years old


Ranayja is a friendly, resilient, and active girl who enjoys participating in various sports, such as running track, volleyball, dance, cheerleading and gymnastics. Her religion, Christianity, is important to her. She participates in church weekly and enjoys songs such as “Mary Did You Know?” When not at church or sports, she likes seeing Superhero movies, like Black Panther and The Avengers and listening to music.

Ranayja enjoys being social and is kind and supportive of her peers. She displays self-awareness and is respectful when engaging with others.

Ranayja typically makes A's and B's in school. She participates in class discussions and completes her work independently. She enjoys reading and writing and strives for accurate work.

Ranayja would flourish in a structured home with a supportive family who can continue to provide her guidance, patience, and attention. She would do best in a single or two parent family without younger children. Ranayja has siblings with whom she shares a close bond. It is important that Ranayja’s family be supportive of and help  continue these relationships. Ranayja‘s family will be blessed to see her continue to grow through their unwavering commitment to her well-being and true desire to claim her as their own.


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Filmed at Hyde Park High School | Aired 2/28/2018

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