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Ra'Shoun, Raven, & Timothy

9 years old
12 years old
8 years old


Raven is a very sweet, friendly, and outgoing little girl. She is a social butterfly and loves interacting with people and making friends. Raven is very active and full of energy. She enjoys dancing and singing. She loves to participate in her youth group activities and sing in the choir. Raven is an excellent artist and enjoys drawing characters that have a meaningful purpose. With her vivid imagination, Raven makes these characters come to life by the stories she tells. Raven also enjoys reading and cooking. Her favorite desert to make is cupcakes.

Ra’Shoun is a very sweet, caring, and sensitive little boy. He is very energetic and enjoys playing outside, participating in outdoor activities, being rough, and playing sports. Ra’Shoun can entertain himself and loves to play with his toys independently. He likes to challenge himself by building elaborate Lego structures. Ra’Shoun is also involved in his youth choir and loves to sing. He is good at dancing and loves to showcase his new moves.

Timothy is a very loving little boy. He is non-verbal and communicates with gestures. He can be reserved at first until he gets to know a person. Once he builds a relationship, he enjoys hugs. He is sociable, but prefers more individual attention. Timothy has a lot of energy and loves to run. He also loves to move, wiggle, and jump. He is fast on his feet and is very quick. He enjoys being outside and participating in outdoor activities. Timothy loves to play with sticks and things from nature. Timothy has a huge appetite and loves to eat.

The ideal forever family would be committed to keeping all three children together so that their sibling bond can grow and flourish.

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