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Dunlap Portrait

Rosa and Anthony

17 years old
15 years old



Rosa and Anthony are engaging, funny young people. They have been each other's support system for most of their lives, which shows in their ability to encourage each other to do well. Rosa and Anthony are basically best friends; they are really close and encourage each other to do the best they can. They enjoy roller skating, playing basketball, and watching movies.

Rosa is a kind, quiet soul who has dreams of going to college and becoming a social worker. She is a responsible young lady who is proud of herself for the progress she has made on her personal goals over the past few years. She works hard to maintain her grades in school and is proud to be an A student. Rosa is a talented artist, and is often found working in her sketchbook. Rosa appreciates the ability to have her own space, but also enjoys the friends she makes at school. Rosa is passionate about art, yoga, and cooking. She is proud of her ability to cook the foods from her culture and would love more opportunities to do so. She is an avid learner that thrives when she is given a creative outlet.

Anthony is a relaxed and curious youth who wants to go to Texas A&M. Anthony can be helpful and responsible and is appreciated by several adults in his community. Anthony enjoys his math and science classes the most, and while he isn't interested in reading traditional novels he loves graphic novels and comic books. Anthony is learning more about exercise and weight lifting and has enjoyed his time on his school's football team. Anthony also likes video games, especially Fortnite, Fall Out 4, and Minecraft. He considers himself a member of the Harry Potter Slytherin House because he has ambitious goals for his future. He also appreciates the Twilight movies, which he enjoyed watching with his sister. Anthony feels deeply, and can communicate when he is given time, space, support, and reassurance. 

Rosa and Anthony would do well together in a home with one parent who has a large support network, or two parents. They are both open and interested in having additional siblings, especially if they share similar interests - a family pet would be a bonus!  Rosa and Anthony would thrive in a home that encourages them in their separate passions and extracurricular activities, while also giving them the opportunity to enjoy each other's company.  A home that provides patience, structure, and stability, with the flexibility they need as they grow into young adults, would be idea for Anthony and Rosa.

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