Savanah & MacKenzie

15 years old
16 years old


Savanah is a happy, quirky young girl who loves to play and have fun. She laughs easily and likes to be the center of attention. She starts off reserved in new relationships but opens up once trust is established. She has a great imagination and likes to tell her made-up stories to connect with others. Savanah is not afraid to ask for what she wants. She likes to shop, and enjoys fun accessories. She enjoys her favorite foods which are Ramen noodles, ice cream and candy. She loves movies and music and dreams of being a singer. She likes animals and hopes to someday have a pet. Savanah performs well in school.

MacKenzie is an extroverted trailblazer. She can talk a mile a minute, especially when she is enthusiastic about a topic. She is not afraid to persistent in asking for what she wants. She loves life and makes the most of it, but also acutely feels life’s disappointments. She loves Michael Jackson and horror movies and has a newfound love for roller coasters. She does well in school. MacKenzie tends to identify more with adults than her peers. Once a strong connection is made, she is loyal and loving. She likes to draw, shop for unique clothing and go on adventures.

MacKenzie and Savanah are sisters who are very different but love each other very much.  MacKenzie is the leader of the two and always speaks her mind. Savanah is more reserved and defers to her sister when they are together. Savanah is introverted and tough and MacKenzie is extroverted and very sensitive. Both girls put up barriers to protect their feelings with each other and others. Since they are close in age, they often view each other as competition for attention or anything else. However, when they are apart, they miss each other and long to be together again. They do well with a balance between time together and time independent of each other. MacKenzie relishes her role as big sister, handing down clothes to Savanah and giving her advice and instructions, but she also feels burdened by what she sees as her responsibility and is working on stepping back from a parent-like role. The girls like watching horror movies together and want to stay together.

Savanah and MacKenzie are wanting a unique family in which they can learn and enhance their relationship with each other. They want to be involved in family activities-camping, game night, movies and just enjoying being a family.  The girls like to be engaged and learning. They are interested in having new siblings and pets.

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