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The Heart Gallery of Central Texas, a program of Partnerships for Children, connects children available for adoption with loving families.


13 years old


Shane is a caring, thoughtful, and helpful young man. He is charismatic and gets along well with adults. He is very personable and likes meeting new people. Shane likes playing board games and video games and does well with the rules and structure the games provide. He likes to play team sports, especially football. He also likes to build things and to work with his hands. Shane is a smart youth and makes good grades when he applies himself.

Shane finds listening to music on headphones, and doing deep breathing to be therapeutic. He thrives on individual adult attention and praise, and the adoptive family for Shane would be one who will provide these things for him. And they should build a trusting relationship with him and love him unconditionally. His adoptive parent(s) should be active and keep him busy and engaged in social situations.

Shane shares a strong attachment with is two brothers who have been adopted. He wants to remain in close contact with them, but mostly wants a forever family of his own.

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Filmed at House Park Field with football star Vince Young | Aired November 1, 2017

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