17 years old


Shant'e is a creative and confident teen with big dreams. She enjoys writing poetry and acting in plays. She is also interested in Youtube and hopes to someday create her own Youtube channel with her own original content. She hopes to become a model and to live in Japan. She has unbounded dreams and goals, and she believes the world offers a huge landscape of possibilities for her to explore. She is optimistic about her future.

Shant'e is intelligent and articulate, but these descriptions fall short of capturing the unique strands and colors of her personality. She likes to read about her zodiac sign, which is Sagittarius. She reports it is a “complicated sign”, which suits her personality! She has a passion for Japanese and Korean cultures and likes to read the fantasy comic book series Manga and the Japanese animation series called Anime. She says about the series, "They make me happy, and I enjoy them! They have separate and different personalities."

Shant'e loves school and does well academically. She especially loves her theater and art classes, where she cultivates her creative side and has an opportunity to shine.

Though Shant'e’s aspirations for herself soar high, her wishes for a forever family are modest. She would like them to be loving, patient and honest.  She likes to imagine fun activities with them, like going out to eat and going shopping (for anything, really, but her favorites are skin care products, make-up and scented soap).

She has a huge heart for animals and would love to have her own husky… or horses!

Shant'e is a bundle of will and might.  Like most adolescents, she can be resistant to rules or expectations that she doesn't like, but she responds well to redirection and an open conversation about the reasons behind the expectations.  She would do best with a family that has experience with teens and can help guide her constructively toward her goals.

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