13 years old


Sincade is an active and very optimistic teenager.  He likes being outside and playing sports. Sincade has several siblings, who are not a part of this adoption, with whom he loves having frequent contact. Sincade likes playing football, running, and being active with his peers. He also enjoys indoor recreations such as playing Pokémon, video games and board games. Sincade is a very smart child who works best in a classroom setting that he can work at his own pace. He enjoys his alone time and is very reflective of himself and his experiences. Sincade appreciates having space to focus on himself and his own goals. He expresses his emotions and his needs. Sincade enjoys eating tacos, ice cream, and cheeseburgers. His favorite snacks are hard candies and gummy candies.

Sincade wishes to find a family with a mom and a dad. He will do well in a home where he is the only child and is able to receive a lot of individual attention. Sincade would like to remain in the state of Texas and continue to see his siblings on at least a monthly basis.

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