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Tavaris & Trey

13 years old
13 years old


Trey is a bright, active, and sweet child who loves being outside and participating in all sorts of outdoor activities. He loves superheroes and Lego sets. He enjoys working with his hands and listening to music on his iPod while singing along. Trey is a problem solver and has the ability to be a real leader. Trey has a lot of compassion and wants the best for others. He likes his freedom and the space to play. Trey is developmentally and academically on target.

Tavaris is a lovable, sensitive, and active child who loves to laugh and joke around. He loves Star Wars, coloring, and all outdoor activities especially if they involve his bike. Tavaris is somewhat reserved and does well in one-on-one situations. He really thrives when he is given a specific task that he can perform and at which he can excel. He looks up to male figures. Tavaris, like his brother, is developmentally and academically on target.

These twins will succeed in a home where they receive unconditional love and support. The two of them have a great relationship. They will do best with a family that is trauma-informed, patient, attentive, encouraging, and active. The family should set clear rules, boundaries, and expectations from the beginning and be consistent.

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Filmed at Epic Fun | Aired January 8, 2020

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