Terron & Tervon

13 years old
17 years old


Terron is a seems shy at first. But when you get to know him he brings a brings a great smile, and loves being goofy, joking around, and laughing.  He enjoys playing all sports and video games. He particularly enjoys playing football. When he's not playing, he likes to watch it on TV. His favorite team is the Seattle SeaHawks. He is a smart young man and does well in school overall. His favorite subject is Texas History. Terron sometimes struggles with expressing himself; however, he is not afraid to speak his mind and stand up for himself. Terron does well with keeping up with his hygiene and takes pride in dressing nicely no matter the occasion. Terron prefers socializing in smaller groups; however, he is able to adapt to any situation. Terron will need reminders to do his chores as he is one who would prefer playing outside or playing video games.  Terron is fairly independent; however, he will ask for help and guidance.

Tervon is a very polite and respectful teenage young man with a great smile and big personality once you get to know him. He enjoys playing all sports and being outside. His favorite sport is football, and he plays Defense on his school's team. He also participates in swimming competitions. His favorite team to follow is the New Orleans Saints. Tervon is a smart young man and does well in school. His favorite subject is Science. Tervon is able to express himself and is not afraid to stand up for himself. He wants to attend college and become a successful adult. Tervon does well with keeping up a clean room, helping out with chores, and the maintaing good hygiene. He takes pride in being well groomed and dressing nicely. But he will need reminding to do his chores from time to time. Tervon is very independent and craves responsibility. He seeks to have a normal teenage routine, such as driving, going to the mall, hanging out with friends, and enjoying movie nights.

Terron and Tervon are looking for a forever family who will remain committed to them while providing structure and unconditional love. They need a family that will be able to provide a sturdy and structured environment as well as provide consistency and commitment.

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