Photography by

Marilyn Griggs Photography


12 years old


Thomas (Tom) is a kind-hearted, funny, and compassionate boy. He loves to please people. He is very mannerly and opens doors for people. Tom enjoys being active and having a structured schedule. He likes to play video games, ride his bike and to listen to music. He loves to garden as a way to relax and to be in nature. Tom loves to hike and go for walks. He also likes working with his hands and putting Legos together. He is confident in his wants and will voice his opinion, but he reacts well to compromise or redirection. Tom is currently learning skills for sharing with his peers.

Tom would benefit from one-on-one attention, and a family who will advocate for required additional services to help him be on target academically. Tom needs a family that can help him bond and attach with others. Tom needs caregivers who will work to earn his trust through stability, consistency and care.  He is a lovable and friendly child.

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Filmed at The Dinosaur Park | Aired September 18, 2019

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