Photography by

Marilyn Griggs Photography


10 years old


Timothy is a shy but energetic boy. He likes to build things and says he wants to be a construction worker when he grows up. He has a great imagination and will build houses out of anything he can find. He loves to go to the park to play soccer and ride his bike. He prides himself on not being afraid of anything except the dark.

Timothy does well in school. He does best in a one-on-one environment. He says his favorite things at school are recess and math.

Timothy's family will need to be nurturing, but be able to provide him with a very structured environment. He needs a family that will be patient with him and remind him how special he is. Timothy should be in a home where he is the only child, or one where there are older siblings.

Timothy would like a home where he can have birthday parties. He would also like to have a cute puppy.

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Filmed at Lego Store Barton Creek Square | Aired on May 2, 2018

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