17 years old


Triniti is a very friendly and fun-loving young lady. She loves to laugh, is always smiling and has the best giggle in the world. Triniti loves "fancy" clothing and enjoys anything that sparkles or glitters. Triniti has a great love for life and learning. It is difficult for her mannerisms and personality not to rub off on you whenever you are around her. Triniti loves animals and she hopes to have a home that at least has dogs. Her favorite color is fuchsia and her favorite food is pizza. She loves to be involved in anything that is going on and treats no one like a stranger when it comes to friends at school. Triniti is very passionate and truly cares for those with whome she forms a bond. Triniti loves school and passes all her classes. Triniti is a respectful young lady, as noted by her foster parents and her school teachers.

Triniti would thrive best in a home where she can be a sister. In particular, Triniti wants to be a big sister. It is also important that Triniti's forever family understand that she is very bonded to her older brother and it would be necessary for the adoptive family to maintain this strong sibling bond. Triniti is best suited for a married couple, a non-married couple or a single father/mother family dynamic. She would do best in a home where her adoptive parent(s) can give her the attention and proper guidance she requires. She needs a structured setting and a home that can provide for her needs. Most importantly, Triniti is in need of a home to adopt her and love her forever.

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Filmed at Gigi's cupcakes | Aired October 31, 2018

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