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16 years old


Victoria is an energetic and spirited teen. She likes to keep fashionable with her clothes and hair. And she likes getting her nails done, experimenting with makeup, and wearing perfume. She also enjoys making art and crafts. Victoria loves animals, especially dogs, and wants to become a veterinarian when she grows up. She is a very determined young lady when she has her mind set on a goal. She likes going to school and learning.

Victoria longs to be part of a family where she could have older siblings or toddler siblings. She would do well in a two parent or a single female parent home. The parent(s) should be confident, consistent, understanding and be able to help her improve her self-esteem. She would do best if she is the only child in her age group, and where she will have positive role models in older siblings, or be a role model for younger siblings. She would love to have a family that is active, and will encourage her to participate in activities.



Filmed at The Rustic Brush | Aired August 14, 2019

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