17 years old


Wy’ghir is a very outgoing teen. He makes friends easily. He is polite and friendly, and he opens up to people whom he trusts. He has a sense of humor and likes to make people laugh. Wy'ghir loves to have fun! He enjoys sports, listening to music, playing video games and watching movies.  And he loves being outside.

Wy’ghir desires to be adopted.  Wy’ghir needs to feel safe, secure, loved and accepted.  He would thrive best in a home that can give him the attention and proper guidance he requires. This child is best suited for a married couple family dynamic. The best family will have patience, have structure and is consistent in their discipline techniques. It is important for the family to be able to give this child some one on one time and be able to offer him positive reinforcement.  Wy’ghir is ready for a forever family who will commit to him for the rest of his life.

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